Stress and Trauma

Stress and trauma belong to being human. The stress reactions of the body help us to deal well with difficult or stressful situations and to bring us to safety where necessary. If, however, this stress becomes too intense or lasts too long, it leads to overstrain and sometimes the body gets stuck in a trauma reaction.

Methods of self-regulation help to reduce current stress and also to get rid of old traumas slowly and step by step. For this, the “story” does not have to be relived. In Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and other methods like SOMA Embodiment (Sonia Gomes) and TEB (Stephen Terrell) it is more about letting go of old reactions that got “stuck” in small tolerable steps and developing new resilience.

I apply these methods both in the area of trauma therapy and, if necessary, in resilience coaching.